Homosexuality Is A Form Of Emotional, Romantic, And Sexual Attraction

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As one of the many sexual orientations, homosexuality is a form of emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction that is primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex. Homosexuality is a fairly recent phenomenon in the twenty-first century; in fact, this sexual orientation has significantly increased but there is no precise way to estimate the exact numbers due to people not openly identifying as such due to homophobia (which, in everyday use, is the fear of homosexuals) and homobigotry (intolerance of different sexual orientations). Even though homosexual relations have been recognized, condemnation has also occurred and recent legislation has restricted much of the homosexual community in the West. To a considerate sum of the overall population, homosexuality is viewed as immoral and law codes rule against recognizing homosexuality as a norm. I intend to argue that, against popular belief, homosexuality is not immoral. I will show that there is no stable argument that such a statement against homosexuals is founded and instead, those who think otherwise is basing their opinion on arbitrary beliefs. If one accepts this theory, one would agree that “interference with nature is not evil in itself; Nature must be tamed” (Leiser 701). Humans alter nature purposefully; for example, gathering natural materials to create medicine, clothing, and technology. If we were to leave nature to its devices and chose not to utilize our reason and human will, we would be swamped with
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