Homosexuality Is A Way Of Living Life

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Homosexuality is one the most controversial topics societies have faced and continue to face. The beliefs of many people around the world about the nature of homosexuality, go into two patterns called choice and gene. Is homosexuality a choice or a gene? Are we born the way we are? Or are we shaped by the environmental factors while we grow up? The origin of homosexuality has been discussed intensively around the world. Gay is a sexual orientation, but the fact of acting on it is a choice. However, every person has their own views regarding this concept throughout time. Some people believe that homosexuality is a way of living life that people choose. On the other hand, some say that homosexuality is a gene or even worse a disease. The hypotheses that homosexuality is a disease that can and need to be cured has been supported by multiple people around the world. Throughout history, research, doctors and philosophers have spent time debating about the origin of homosexuality. Edmund Bergler was one of them, an Austrian-born American psychoanalyst whose book covered such topics as childhood development, mid-life crises and human behavior in general. He was the most important theorist of homosexuality in the 1950s. In 1951, Bergler wrote” Homosexuality: Disease or Way of life” to deeply explore the origin of homosexuality. In the book, he argues that homosexuality is a disease and not a choice, an argument that I do not accept. According to him, homosexuals are a small
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