Homosexuality Is An Unnatural Phenomenon Essay

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When God created the universe, He didn’t create half things. He created everything of two species working and nating in harmony to produce for the purpose of continuity. The flowers should be heterogeneous as well as the trees. The animals wouldn’t exist if there is no heterogeneity and the same rules are applied on us as men and women. To God’s rules no half should exist. There is a day and night but nothing in between; there is existence or no existence but nothing in between. There should be warm cloud and cold cloud to produce rain but nothing in between. Anything that is in between is violating God’s rules, the law of nature. Homosexuality is an unnatural phenomenon that doesn’t guarantee the universe existence. It’s a virus that threatens the future generations. Homosexuality is threat to the humanity, it is a way to deliver diseases, mental health problems and not a way to deliver and raise healthy children. Okay, so now that we have something to work with, let 's take a look at homosexuality act and discover the different negative impact that have on human’s life and the continuity of his life. First of all, Sexual relationships between members of the same sex however, expose gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to extreme risks of sexually transmitted disease such as human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a collection of more than seventy types of viruses that can cause warts, or papilloma, on various parts of the body. More than twenty types of HPV are incurable

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