Homosexuality Is Genetic Or Merely A Learning Process?

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The topic of “homosexuality” in a political view attracts my interest because of the importance, in which it has in are government, people, and society we live in. People often argue of what is right and what is wrong, and for many years “homosexuality” has been a quite topic until recent years, and the argument wither homosexuality is genetic or simply a learning process? This is what brings a lot of attention to the media, scientist, and professors to keep trying to learn this different life style. How do we go about this with religion, or politics that don’t understand because they cannot relate to homosexuality? This is a very interesting topic because bottom line is we have to completely look at all sorts of events that take place beside us to find the answer to homosexuality, and in which science cannot prove or help solve the cause.
The information of the article is closely going to explore the homosexuality in people’s life, but at the same time look at the perspective of adopting, parenting, and the outcome of children with homosexual parents. We are also going to look at polls in which the people have a say of what is “right and wrong” with a homosexual couple, and the debate wither homosexuality couples have the right too parent children and even adopt children, and is the government braking there rights to adopt and parent a children? However my perspective of a partnership is man and woman are part of a succession of generations and an institution that has
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