Homosexuality Is Not A Choice For Adults

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Biological Based Homosexuality Over the past few decades, there has been controversy over the topic of homosexuality. Many people believe that there are homosexuals make the choice to be homosexual. On the contrary, several studies show that there are genetic factors that lead individuals toward a homosexual preference. The rights of people who are homosexual are becoming more progressive and are almost equivalent to those who are heterosexual in the United States. Homosexuality is a biological trait, and there is experimental evidence to prove the biological influence of homosexuality. The trait of homosexuality can be simply defined as the sexual attraction between the individuals of the same sex. A homosexual person in the female gender is called ‘lesbian’ while the term ‘gay’ represents a homosexual male (Richardson). As the years have progressed, the number of openly homosexual people has dramatically increased as these trait have gradually grown to be more mainstream and open. One experiment showed that homosexuality is not a choice for adults, rather, you exhibit these behaviors as a child (Jenkins, p. 286). Recently this observation has been replicated through the analysis of childhood videos that have been taken from male and female homosexual and heterosexual research volunteers. The video displayed that children that are Pre-homosexual displayed non-conformity than their pre-heterosexual counterparts, and that this behavior continued through adulthood. People
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