Homosexuality Is Not Understanding Its Origins

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Introduction In a time of social change and modernity, homosexuality has become a more talked about social topic, and it has evolved into its own culture. With growing numbers and heavy legality and morality surrounding it, homosexuality has faced an uphill battle all throughout the world. Part of the “problem” people see with homosexuality is not understanding its origins. Homosexuality is an unusual trait in the sense that it is not one that you would expect to persist evolutionarily as it does not directly contribute to reproduction, and yet it has persisted for at least thousands of years, tracing back to the ancient Greeks and Romans in recorded history (Verstraete, 1977). Its continued appearance in each successful generation, even though it seems counterintuitive from an evolutionary perspective, provides strong reasoning to suggest some mechanism is helping to maintain it as a trait. Clearly homosexuality is a complex characteristic that involves genetic, cultural, and environmental factors. Many interpretations of these factors exist, so this paper will piece together the factors of homosexuality to allow for better understanding of how homosexuality has persisted as a genetic trait. Evidence regarding the birth order affect and the maternal stress theory will also be analyzed. The importance of this topic lies in the individuals themselves. Getting to the bottom of this question and showing the genetic factors surrounding homosexuality would illuminate the

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