Homosexuality Nature Or Nurture

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Despite our advance on science and technology, there seems to be no single, conclusive, definitive and absolute answer to which homosexuality is called for and continues to be a mystery for many. A lack of knowledge and understanding about its roots tend to aggravate the issue that surrounds this innate human desire for closeness, affection, and intimacy, resulting to a social problem. The Merriam Webster Dictionary (2015), defines homosexuality as the “quality, or state of being a homosexual,” “an erotic activity with another of the same sex.” Whilst the term homosexuality was coined in the 19th century by a German psychologist named Karoly Maria Benkert, the concept of homosexuality started or can be attributed to the ancient Greeks (Pickets,…show more content…
One of which is not the oldest, one of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology: the nature or nurture debate. This debate within psychology is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behavior are a product of either inherited or acquired characteristics. Nature, in this aspect, refers to the what we think of as the ‘pre-wiring’ and is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors. Proponents of this believe that homosexuality is inherited, that personalities are result of an evolutionary process, and that people inherit their behaviors because of a complex, intricate genetic interactions. Proponents believe that it is our genes that governs and dictates our behavior. Therefore, an individual behaves the way he is because he is bounded to be that way, he is ‘wired’ to be that way. With respect to homosexuality, this biological perspective explains it as genetic predisposition, just like the color of a person’s eyes. In contrast, nurture, in this aspect, is referred to thee influence of external factors after birth, the environment, in general. This debate sparkled the interest of scientists, and started to which we can account homosexuality
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