Homosexuality - Nature or Nurture Essay

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Nature or Nurture Have you ever wondered what creates a persons sexual preference? Is it possible that their social influences and environment can lead them to certain sexual practices and same sex relationships or could it be that some people have a genetic makeup that makes it completely natural to be attracted to members of the same sex? These questions lead us to the long-lived debate of nature or nurture. Some scientists believe that people behave as they do according to their genetic predispositions or even "animal instincts." This is known as the "nature" theory of human behavior. Other scientists believe that people think and behave in certain ways because they are taught to do so. This is known as the
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Further research provides additional evidence to link homosexuality to nature is. It is Dr. Dean Hamer who successfully identifies a gene marker on the X chromosomes, a region which he termed Xq28. In his study, he examined 114 families with homosexual members and found that the incidence of homosexuality was higher in the maternal side of the families. As males get their Y chromosomes from their fathers and, X chromosomes from their mothers, Hamer came to the conclusion that there is definite proof that male homosexuality does have a biological basis in the Xq28 region of the X chromosome. (Shultz, 139; Hammer, Online) To further substantiate biology as the true cause of Homosexuality, Michael Bailey of Northwestern University joined Richard Pillard of the Boston University School of Medicine to publish a study of homosexuality in twins. The findings of their study showed that sexual orientation is something that one is born with. Pillard and Bailey and surveyed homosexual men about their brothers, and they found some statistics that were rather unexpected. Of the homosexuals who had identical twin brothers, 52 percent of those twins were also homosexual. 22 percent of those who had fraternal twins said that their twin was gay, and only eleven percent of those who had adopted siblings said that their adopted brothers were also homosexual. Bailey and Pillard
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