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MWENGE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION FACULT OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY COURSE TITTLE: SOCIALIZATION PROCESS COURSE CODE: SOC-108 TERM PAPER HOMOSEXUALITY IN TANZANIA STUDENT’S NAME MDODI F MDODI REG: T/DEG/MWUCE/2012/ 0578 Section one HOMOSEXUALITY IN TANZANIA 1.0 Introduction Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual activity between members of the same sex or gender. As an orientation, homosexuality refers to "an enduring pattern of or…show more content…
Group arrests in connection with peaceful assemblies, non-attendance to HIV patients, as well as forcible evictions of persons due to their sexual orientation by local and religious communities have been reported. Moreover, representatives of the groups and other human rights defenders may not be willing to make public statements in favor of tolerance and decriminalization for fear of reprisals. Tanzania refused. Mathias Meinrad Chikawe, the Tanzanian Minister of State and Good Governance, said in Geneva, There was an issue raised on same-sex marriages, etc. It is true we do not have a law allowing same-sex marriages in our country, and that I say again, due to our own traditions and very cultural strong beliefs. Although activities involving same-sex do take place, but they do take place under cover, so to say, and like I said when I was presenting our report on the ICCPR [International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights], that if one were to exhibit such a behavior in public, one could be, actually be stoned by the public itself. It is a cultural thing. It's not yet acceptable. So the government ... it would be very strange for the government to propose a law towards allowing that; so, it's just that maybe time has not come for us to consider such freedoms in our country. Since the UPR concluded, Tanzania has not softened its
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