Homosexuality in America

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It has been considered despicable, and discerned for many years to have the same sex sexual preference. How could a person go against God and society many question? But what if I told you that who they were attracted, loved, and consequently wish to marry is not merely a decision as the one you make when you decide to wake up or stay in the bed in the morning, but instead a genetically encoded within these individuals. It’s not only homosexuals, also who heterosexuals love as well are already encoded within. What if I told you that the Lady Gaga lyrics could possibly be the anthem of all homosexuals’ lives and stories, “I was born this way!” Then what would you say?
According to neuroscientist epigenetics is a new branch of genetics which addresses the effects of particular proteins affecting gene expression. It is the study of heritable changes in gene activity that are not caused by changes even if their DNA sequence code is the same, the way it functions can differ. Humans have 25,000 genes each one with their own function. Geneticists are studying a previously unknown aspect known as the epigenome: a series of chemicals that act like switches, which activate or deactivate individual genes. One of these switches (epi-markers) works by a process called DNA methylation, enzymes inside a cell attach a methyl group to a gene, this compound can deactivate or deactivate the gene, but the gene…
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