Homosexuality in China

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Freedom or Conservative ?
----Homosexual in China
China was considered as a conservative society where do not get really open to sexual discussion. Even now, dating in high-school is considered too early and does not appropriate in China, which would cause problems in school if being found by teachers or parents. Meanwhile, Chinese attitude towards homosexual is more open than the West society. The night life for gay people are so various and at least among the young, we do not avoid talking about this topic. When the whole world is under the discussion of “equal marriage” and the homosexuality are fighting for their freedom, the homosexuals in China seems so quite. They do not fight for their right, they do not stay high profile. It
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And meanwhile, the same as the ancient time, Chinese tend to choose to say the homosexual is “friendship” rather than sexual relationship. So that the harmony on the surface could be maintain. Another key difference is religion. In the United States, the debate against homosexuality is fueled by Christianity while in Southeast Asia, its Islam. However, China has no dominant religion. May be some Chinese are Taoism or Buddhism, but neither religion are against of the homosexuality. The principle of the local Chinese religion Taoism is to follow the nature and do respect the nature. So the only thing need to argue about becomes whether homosexual is nature or not. And since homosexual has such a long history even longer than Daoism exists, there is no certain words for Taoism to against the homosexual. For Buddhism in China, they emphasis that every human being makes mistakes and one should try to accept any kinds of human being, which include homosexual people. Moreover, one of the Buddha who is called GuanShiyin, even belongs to both genders. In short, lack of dominate religion means China in some ways is more accepting, any time there is a big cultural change, and there will be elements that continue the old way. But to not have a strong institutionalized religion against it allows a gradual evolution of thoughts. Yet, the People’s
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