Essay on Homosexuality in Hong Kong

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Introduction In the last decade, the issue of homosexuality has been widely discussed and known in Hong Kong. People have more opportunities to approach the word `homosexuality' in their daily life through literatures, movies and occasional news revealing celebrities' homosexual behaviors. Simultaneously there has also been significant growth in commercial venues such as restaurants and bars, catering to gays and lesbians. In short, the social context of Hong Kong and the attitudes gays and lesbians are likely to hold about their sexual orientation are very different from those of previous generations. However, this is not proper to indicate that the homosexual minority, which consists of 6 to 10 percent of population in Hong Kong…show more content…
A clarification of some falsehoods related to homosexuality is also mentioned. It is hoped that this essay will make people in society of Hong Kong better understand homosexuals and decrease discriminations, prejudices and misunderstandings towards them. Discussion The question of what causes some people to be sexually attracted to members of their own gender generates many different answers. In recent years, startling new research (Barinaga, 1993, p.17) has indicated that homosexuality is possibly inherited and determined by biological differences in Brain structure and genes. This study raises an interesting question: If homosexuality is hereditary, is there any basis for societal discrimination against something innate? If it is nature, it is good. If it is good, it should be accepted. A genetic component in sexual orientation would send a message to homosexuals and the society that homosexuality is not a fault, and not the fault of anyone other than nature. Gays and lesbians are born in nature, just like some people who are inherited left-handed gene from their parents. Some researchers also speculate that `homosexuality is a by-product of upbringing, especially a child's relationship with his or her parents.' (Dudley, 1993, p.16) Assuming this is the true cause of homosexuality, do we have the right to vilify or look down upon those who show their intimacy to the same gender people? It is better to understand them when we consider their
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