Homosexuality in Islam

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Macalester Islam Journal
Volume 2 Macalester Islam Journal
Issue 3

Article 8


Homosexuality in Islam: A Difficult Paradox
Nicole Kligerman
Macalester College

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Kligerman, Nicole (2007) "Homosexuality in Islam: A Difficult Paradox," Macalester Islam Journal: Vol. 2: Iss. 3, Article 8.
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The Qur’an further encourages sex by outlawing celibacy and permitting polygamy, thus reinforcing heteronormative sexual behavior. Since the purpose of sex is procreation according the religious text, homosexuality is seen as an aberration of Allah’s will which threatens Muslims with extinction. As a result, there is officially no room for homosexuality or homosexuals within Islam.43
Scholars of shari’a, Islamic law, interpret homosexuality to be not merely a sin, but a crime as well. Despite this, there is no specific punishment for homosexuality; instead, the decision is left to the discretion of the ruling authorities. Shari’a encourages those accused of homosexuality to repent instead of confessing to the “crime”. This phenomenon can potentially explain the paucity of historical literature of punishment of sexual transgressions.44 “Islamic law stands for privacy and protects it by all means. Besides, it repeatedly emphasizes that a person is innocent until proven guilty without any doubt, and

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Macalester Islam Journal, Vol. 2 [2007], Iss. 3, Art. 8

Macalester Islam Journal
Spring 2007 page 55

everyone should have the benefit of the slightest doubt.”45
Therefore the jurisprudence laid out in Islamic law also aids those accused of being gay.
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