Homosexuality in Religion

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“Homosexuality in Christianity” Comparable to racism and sexism, homophobia is another type of discrimination that will, unfortunately, most likely always exist throughout this generation. Religion and The idea of homosexuality tends to be offensive to many religiously people, especially Christians. One of the “Golden Rules” stated in the Bible is to treat others how you would like to be treated, yet homosexuals are mistreated by many Christians all the time. The issue of homosexuality in Christianity has many sides. For many years homosexuals have been named evil enemies and throughout history homosexuality has been labeled as vulgar, perverse and immoral. There are those who believe that it is a sin in God’s eyes and according to the…show more content…
The Baptists who hold homosexuality as a sinful behavior also teach that homosexual sin can be forgiven through Christ if repentance is shown. Nevertheless, Baptists generally believe that homosexuality is an issue that can be approached with compassion and love” ("American Baptist Churches Home.") The Baptist church 's stance on homosexuality normally depends on the individual church 's affiliation. For example, the Southern Baptist Convention adheres to the belief that the Bible denounces homosexuality, therefore it is sinful (Bass and Kaufman). They believe that sexual preference is a choice, and that homosexual people can eventually overcome their homosexuality to become pure. Despite the fact that the Southern Baptist Convention sees homosexuality as a sin, they do not classify it as an unforgivable sin (Bass and Kaufman). A relatively, but small number of Baptists and congregations are open to the acceptance of homosexual relationships, such as The Alliance of Baptists ("American Baptist Churches Home."). They are a small group in the American Baptist denomination and they are supportive of same-sex marriage and they are open to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender believers. Lutheran viewpoints concerning homosexuality are diverse because there is not just one homosexuality opinion that represents all Lutherans, but there is a clear difference between Evangelical Lutheran movements and traditional Lutheran churches
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