Homosexuals' Right to Marriage Essay

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Since the beginning of time, our country has struggled with equal rights issues in one way or another. Whether those issues were women’s rights, segregation of races, or more currently the equal rights of those whose sexual orientation is different from what is considered to be normal by the vast majority of the population. However, the reality is that all people deserve to be treated equally. This country was founded on the idea of individuals being equal and because of this we should all, who call this great nation home have the same rights. I believe it is our job as a growing nation to provide security and acceptance for all, and in doing so giving the same rights, to all individuals of this country including those wanting to …show more content…
Due to this, federal benefits such as social security retirement and survivors benefits, along with federal tax breaks for married couples do not apply to the homosexual community. They may be refused health insurance under their partners insurance solely, based on the fact that they are not legally married. However, this country is constantly consumed with healthcare related issues and people not being covered by health insurance, though it would seem in some cases the federal government is to blame for that. Geoffrey R. Stone states “the Supreme Court has long recognized that the government can never lawfully treat one group of people worse than others because the majority deems that group immoral, depraved, unworthy or sinful according to God’s principles.” If this were so then marriage would have to re-defined to exclude other immoral unions, such as, convicted murders, child molesters, rapist, and adulterers. These people shouldn’t be able to marry either or receive benefits under federal law. Other issues that plague the homosexual community are questions on the validity of their relationships. Research shows that many gay men and lesbian women want or have a committed relationship. According to the American Psychological Association; 40% to 60% of gay men and between 45% and 80% of lesbians are currently involved in a same-sex romantic relationship, and that out of the 5.5 million couples in 2003, that were
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