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BUS 5580/5180 ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT Honda Motor Co. Ltd Table of Content Pages Introduction 3 Business demographics and brief history 3 Nature of the business 3 Products, services and target markets 3 Organizational Goals 4 Strategic goals 4 Tactical goals 4 Operational goals 4 Organization culture 4 Intrinsic aspect 4 Extrinsic aspect 5 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 5 Integrated Social Contrct 5 Socio-economic view 5 Problem-solving and Decision-making 6 Problem identify 6 Performance deficiency problem 6 Decision-making program 6 Figure 1: Market Quality…show more content…
The automobiles division manufactures passenger cars, multi-wagons, minivans, sport utility vehicles, sports coupe and mini vehicles (Data Monitor, 2009). The motorcycle business produces motorcycles form the 50cc class to the 1800cc class cylinder displacement which includes scooters, electric-motor-assisted bicycles, sports bikes and large touring cycles (Data Monitor, 2009). The financial services that Honda provides to customers and dealers include retail lending, leasing to customers and wholesale financing to dealers (Data Monitor, 2009). The power products that Honda produces include power tillers, portable generators, general purpose engines, grass cutters, outboard engines, water pumps, snow throwers, power carriers, power sprayers, lawn mowers and lawn tractors (Data Monitor, 2009). Organizational Goals Strategic goals Honda aim to gain trust from customers and society, as well as shareholders and investors that Honda is a company that they want to exist based on the “Three Joys” (Honda Motor Co., 2011). The “Three Joys” are the joy of buying, selling, and creating (Honda Motor Co., 2011). Honda provides the highest quality with a reasonable price for worldwide customers’ satisfaction by maintaining a global viewpoint, established a mutual trust relationship with

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