Honda Research Paper

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There are many items that people tend to find in their house and use each day. Many people however do not think much in to where the item came from, or even how it was made. One product that I have researched is a two-thousand sixteen Honda accord. Cars are not necessary for human survival, there are other ways for humans to get around. There are a lot of elements that go into making a car the raw materials are the most important. Some raw material included in the Honda accord are things such as steel, iron, plastic, aluminum, glass, and lastly fiberglass. Chemicals also play a big part to make the car how it is; each chemical is made specific for each item in the car. For example the dash is made from chemicals such as of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene…show more content…
Hondas run off a limited resource being gas; however, there are some Hondas that run off hydrogen fuel cell and battery life as well. Once a car has been used to its fullest term, you can recycle parts off that car, to be used on another car. Cars take a lot of work to make a car, so any recycled parts will help save you money. Whatever left over is usually crashed together and taking to a junk yard. There is no short cut to making a car, without every item needed the car would not run properly. Sadly, there is no way to alter the parts that are put on the car. The only way you could alter anything around is to, change from gasoline to battery charge to power your car. Every part for your car is made special before it is even put together. As the car goes down the conveyor line each part is put together by machines with the help of humans to form the car. Once the car is put together it is moved by a transport vehicle to a car dealership, then it waits to be sold to an individual to take…show more content…
(n.d.). So many things go into human population growth such as deaths, births, and migration; for, all three play a factor when calculating the growth. The more people that live in the area, can affect more on the environment then anything. “For the last 50 years, world population multiplied more rapidly than ever before, and more rapidly than it is projected to grow in the future.” Jordan, J. (n.d.). Human population growth affects things that go un noticed such as in the workforce, environment, and our
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