Honda Vietnam

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GROUP 9 PRESENTATION REPORT 1- TẠ THỊ NGỌC LINH 2- THÁI HOÀNG QUỐC 3- ONG MINH QUANG 4- MAI Ý NHI 5- PHẠM MINH MẪN 6- ĐẶNG HỒNG THU 7- HỒ PHƯƠNG THẢO 8- CAO THỊ CẨM HƯƠNG Our group gives a talk about Honda- one of the famous motorcycle brand- names in Viet Nam. There are 7 parts in our presentation: 1-Introduction to Honda Vietnam 2-Vietnam’s potential powers for developing motorcycle industry 3-The distribution of Honda Heads 4-Prices 5- Case: Price of Honda Vietnam vs Honda Thailand motorcycle 6-Competitive abilities of Honda verse other firms 7-Development since establishment 1-Introduction to Honda Vietnam name: Honda Vietnam Corporation. Honda Vietnam Corporation was established…show more content…
( For example about “air blade” motorcycle of Viet Nam and Thailand ) 6- Competitive abilities of Honda verse others firms To survive, Honda has positive ways. One of this is diversity in many fields: price, style, color, reality show, factory, and customer reference: * Price: they have various price suitable for many class: upstream, middle and downstream. Ex: just with about more than 15 million VND, you can own the Wave α. * Style: many styles for you to make choice. Masculine with PCX, SH… Feminine with Lead, Vision… * Color: passion reds, pristine white, cozy blues, sexy black… make sense of male or female, old or young. * Reality show: to bring product closer to customer and useful work for society, Honda create “I love Vietnam”, “12 personalities”, “traffic safety for children’s smiles”… * Factory: to expand the scale of production, 2012, they build one more factory in VinhPhuc. So, now they have 2 factories in there with ~2.5 million motor is produced each year. * Customer reference: gifts for client (helmet, coupons, lubricant…) and free services. In addition, Honda used the “Localization” project. They apply policy domestic production to take advantages of cheap labor, reduce the cost of imported
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