Honda's Business Plan

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Hypothesis: Business planning is the process of creating goals for a company and strategies to meet those goals. Business plan is required by the Company that have large-scale to reach their goals with some of strategies that called strategy plan. To reach their goals, they have to make a plan for their strategy business and it called strategy planning . For the sample we wrote about business plan of Honda Company. And it will tell us about how much this business plan have an influence for the growth and development of the company. BUSINESS PLAN OF HONDA COMPANY The focused company for the business plan proposal is Honda Company as there shows market growth and stability in terms of business operations and management, implying assumptions…show more content…
That is what I want to reveal to you in this article – some golden secrets of business success as proven by Honda. Be aware that these strategies are still very much relevant to business success today, and you can freely apply them to your business. Whether you are running a small, medium, or large business, these strategies are for you, and your business will definitely experience a monumental growth if you apply them – I’m damn sure of that! Honda’s Business Strategy One: Knowledge is Key To Business Success To achieve success in business, and indeed anything in life, adequate knowledge of the thing is needed. Soichiro Honda got himself thoroughly prepared for his business before setting out by getting the needed knowledge. As an apprentice automobile mechanic for six years, Honda was able to study the automobile industry from the basics, acquiring great deal of knowledge about the workings of machines, and the common faults in automobiles. And when he was having difficulty making piston rings, he realized he needed a higher knowledge, and he went to get it at a technical school. The huge knowledge of automobile machines, and the problems consumers have with their motorcycles, without doubt enabled Honda to create motorcycles that are of high quality, light, easy, fun and exciting to ride; as well as effortlessly to maintain, and affordable. These qualities in Honda motorcycles, made possible by Mr. Honda’s knowledge of the industry doubtlessly made his
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