Honest Iago of Shakespeare's Othello Essay

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Honest Iago of Othello To most of the world William Shakespeare is recognized as the greatest dramatist in history. His plays have been performed for centuries through various interpretations. Shakespeare's vast knowledge, and writing style made his works interesting for both the intellectual, and the illiterate. One of these styles is the use of motifs, which is seen extensively in Othello. An important example that runs throughout Othello, is Iago's honesty. This motif gave existence to Shakespeare's perfect villain. The most interesting character in the play Othello is the villain, Iago, commonly referred to as "Honest Iago". Iago is smart, and well tuned to human behavior, and uses this knowledge to…show more content…
This will encourage Desdemona to see Iago as a confidant, and eventually she asks Iago for his advice when she experiences trouble with her husband. Cassio's trust in Iago stems not only from his impeccable reputation of sincerity, but again from Othello's influence. Othello simply states; "Iago is most honest." [Act II, scene iii], when conversing with Cassio. Once more, if Othello feels this way, then Cassio, who admires Othello and follows his leadership, will also believe that Iago is an honest man. When Iago pretends to help Cassio, he comments; "I never knew a Florentine more kind and honest", [Act III, scene I]. Iago's supposed honesty is ironically, also a result of his own lying, by making statements that help him sustain his reputation. When he explains Roderigo and Cassio's fight to Othello, he claims to do it with a heavy heart, because he does not want to cause problems for Cassio. However, he feels he must tell the truth; " I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth than it should do offense to Michael Cassio. Yet I persuade myself to speak the truth." [Act II, scene iii]. By saying this, others are led to believe that the guilt of not speaking the truth is
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