Honestly, I never thought it would come to this day, jumping into a body of water. Seems pretty

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Honestly, I never thought it would come to this day, jumping into a body of water. Seems pretty pointless, if you ask me. Now, what am I doing? I struggled to gain consciousness. I strained to lift my head. In its pointlessness, my eyelids flew open. I didn't panic, I didn't struggle to breathe. I calmly floated, my body unable to move. Is this what it's like to be at peace? No, it was emptiness. I knew I had to get away from death. How? I tried focusing my eyesight, no light. I felt as if my chest were being ripped apart. I drew in a breath, no good. Water filled my lungs, I kicked and twisted, my body, begging for air. My eyes burned, and I made a last cry; as loud as I could muster, I cried out. Not a word, but a cry. A cry for life;…show more content…
I folded my arms to prove my point. This was the first person, the first real person, I had met in forever. I wasn't going to live a full life, but I still wasn't going down without a fight. She walked over to me, still breathing hard and said, "Well," she drew in a breath "At least I didn't have to do it. Come on, we have to go." I looked at her, my head cocked, and closed my eyes halfway. "A-are you my sister or something? Because I think I'd remember! I mean," "No. Just, no. Please hurry, we have to go! Oh, I wish we had more time," I turned over, peeling off the bed sheets. I sat up and slipped off the bed. I landed with a thump and stood up. I swerved to the right, topsy-turvy. "Shaun, I'm getting really dizzy." She held out her arm for support. I stopped in my tracks. "Wait, Shaun?" "DON'T call me that. Please." I gave her the most confused look I could muster, and shook it off. "Look, they drugged you up, let's go find you a wheelchair. She pushed the door open, and we hobbled through the hallway leading to the wheelchair ramp. When we arrived at the bottom of the ramp, she set me at a waiting bench and told me to wait. She came back soon later with a wheelchair and a blanket. That's when I noticed, it was pitch-black outside the windows plastered all over the
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