Honesty In The United States

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Honesty is the “state of being free from deceit or untruthfulness”, without honesty society will, essentially, fall apart. This nation was built on honesty, and the assumption that the American people will be just. The necessity for honesty in our country is at its highest, due to the upcoming presidential election, but unfortunately honesty is at its lowest. This virtue is an essential part in leading a nation or society. The crime rate was very low in the mid-eighteenth century and into the early nineteenth century. This does not mean there was no crime at all. In the western part of the country, Americans had a different view of what crime was. There would be brawls in the streets that were not considered crime, people gathered around and watched like a sport. Usually these brawls were amiable between the participants. Today, you would be arrested for that type of behavior. Although, crime rates grew throughout the growing country in decades to come. Americans still had the same view of crime as the Founding Fathers expected it to be, Americans were very against crime, no matter what it was.
Alex de Tocqueville, when he was in the United States noticed that civilians will act to enforce the law instead of waiting for the authorities to come. This shows again how much Americans
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Take Hillary Clinton for example, at the Democratic National Convention she had a double digit lead in some national polls and swing state polls. As of August 31st, her polls have dropped to 41 percent favorable and 59 percent among all Americans. Significantly higher than Trump. Among registered voters, she is almost equal with Trump. There is no definite reason to why her number have dropped so significantly, but is likely the cause of the newly discovered emails from the private email server. She is viewed by many americans as untrustworthy, which will ultimately cost her many
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