Honesty, Integrity And Craving For Justice

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“No legacy is so rich as honesty” spoke by the greatest leader in the world of literature, William Shakespeare. Honesty, integrity and craving for justice are the imperative aspects of an effective leader. Integrity is all grit. What can a true leader withstand? Being a leader requires daunting tasks, adversary, and faith of a better future. A true leader will adapt and overcome utilizing creativity and problem solving skills. Their grit will be tested and tested again. A leader with integrity demonstrates strength through some of the most difficult obstacles. They do not succumb to fear; they grow and empower the people around them. A crave for justice is important in a leader because they should always stay hungry for fairness in society. They should want justice to be served to every possible being. A bona fide leader should encourage a value of justice in every human because justice instills incentive to be great. An iconic aspect of Lincoln is his honesty, hence the nickname “Honest Abe.” He proves that the single most important characteristic of an effective leader is honesty. When Lincoln worked as a store clerk he once realized he had overcharged a woman for tea and packaged the amount owned and personally delivered it to her house. Lincoln was a gawky, unique man that proves that not all leaders are picturesque. Effective and influential leadership is shown in history, literature and everyday life.
In the literature piece titled “Lord of the Flies” by William

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