Honesty in Politics

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EnglishHonesty in American Politics The legendary tale often told to school children is that of George Washington the young boy, chopping down his fathers cherry tree. When young George was asked, who had chopped the cherry tree down, George impressed his father with his honesty when he replied, “I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down your cherry tree.” Although the fable is believed to be fiction, it accurately represented the honesty and humility of that great president. Today, few political and public leaders value such ideals as honesty. Due to the prevalent lack of truth in our government or in politicians, few citizens are able to gain much knowledge about their leaders. Holding an office in the United States government is a…show more content…
Shouldn’t this rule apply to America’s leaders as well, if not more so? I believe so, because they are the leaders and voices of our country. The public has a right to know. When it comes to serving our nation, “incumbent leaders and prospective candidates” must come to the realization that the public needs to know anything and everything past and present, about them in order to choose candidates to lead our nation effectively (Berger 707). True ethics and honesty should simply be a matter of good politics. Many people, including the public and the media, have questioned whether there should be such ethics as complete honesty in politics. The ethics we have seen displayed by our nation’s leaders are poor. Ethics that allow for scandals, lies, and cover-ups should not be part of our government. When the time comes to keep citizens informed, the truth should be the most important element. What good is accomplished if the government continually lied to the public supporting it? “A nation living in and believing a sea of les cannot support its government if they do not know what is going on” (Siris 1278-79). The reality is that the American people have become accustomed to the fact that dishonesty exists in American politics. Nobody tells the truth, there is no morality, and sadly, no one expects any. The people might as well elect a psychopath into politics, someone without a
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