Honey As A Homeopathic Wound Care

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Honey As A Homeopathic Wound Care

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to

live” (Maeterlinck 317). When Maurice Maeterlinck wrote The Life of a Bee, he truly realized

the bee’s importance to our environment, however did he recognize the importance of their

honey to medicine. Many people will argue that old-fashioned treatments are less effective than

modern medicines. While traditional medicines are simple and more easily applied, in most

cases, people will still be of the opinion that modern is better. A prime example of the

supremacy of traditional remedies is found within honey, which has been proven by numerous

studies to support bodily healing of all kinds more
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Pharmacies will always have a problem with the shelf life of general products,

specifically moist coverings for open wounds. Conversely, honey has many qualities that allow

it to have a near infinite shelf life permitting it to be stored for as long as necessary to be used

effectively (Geiling). This attribute of honey grants it an ease of access allowing it can be

transported from where it is collected to where it is needed. Honey can be found in bee farms

across the globe so there is nowhere that would be starved of this medical miracle worker. Bee

farms work through a series of manmade bee hives that will function as a normal bee hive would

by producing honey from nectar. Once they have produced enough honey, a beekeeper will

come and harvest some, but not all of the honey as to not hurt the population of bees in their

On the more tangible side of honey are its many positive physical properties responsible

for its extensive shelf life. Included in these properties is the fact that honey is a Hydroscopic

substance meaning that it contains very little water but has the capability to absorb copious

amounts of water if it comes in contact with the honey (Geiling). Most microscopic organisms

cannot survive in this type of
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