Honey Maid Has a Pretty Cool Reply to All the Haters of Its Ultra-Inclusive Ad

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Therefore, the volume of customers is roughly around 5000. Coffeeberry is located in old town La Verne, and right next to University of La Verne. The very basic reason why Coffeeberry pick up this location is because it is a downtown area and a lot of businesses are centered here, where people living nearby and students from the university hang out. The competitors, who also offer coffee products, including Circle K, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Miss Donut & Bagel, etc.
According to the researched the demographics of City of La Verne. According to the 2012 statistical summary of City of La Verne (ci.la-verne.ca.us), population was 31,461, which means it is a very small and private town with a very small population. The median age was 43.1, which indicates the population consists of senior people. Besides, there were 11,366 households and median household income was 73,541, which was higher than average household income in Los Angeles County. Therefore, a lot of residents have more time and money to enjoy coffee in store. Meanwhile, students from University of La Verne are very important parts of the target customers, because young college students love to hang out with peers and enjoy coffee. Some of the students also enjoy sitting in store drinking coffee while doing their homework and stuffs…
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