Honeywell Building Controls Division

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Honeywell Building Controls Division (BCD) was split after the Residential and Building Controls Division lost money in 1981. The new BCD was created with a hope for a profitable business. In order to get more market share, in 1984 the BCD started to build Mod IV; the great promised product with better quality of its motor and cost reduction. The BCD built the cross-functional Mod IV team combined from manufacturing, marketing/sales, and engineering. In addition, to be more competitive, the BCD dropped sequential development in favor of the parallel development with a desire for faster and better products. The skate was high but the BCD had an inferior Product Development that slowed them down. The inferior product
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In effect, the development process is squeezed together (e.g., Clark & Fujimoto, 1991). For the Mod IV team, there was not a problem-solving strategy. The project team did not have a plan or discussed about the problem-solving strategy in their team meeting. For example, when project team had a lot of semantic issues, they did not even know about it (e.g., Brown & Eisenhardt, 1995). Without problem-solving strategy, project team could not avoid errors later in the product development process. Hence, Mod IV was having problem meeting schedule for both design and production. In conclusion, the unaffected project team wasted resources, caused delay, and could not avoid errors. In addition, a weak project leader could spell problem for Mod IV product development.
In this paper, we will take a look at two characteristics of the project leader. One central characteristic is the power of the project leader (e.g., Brown & Eisenhardt, 1995). By powerful leaders we mean those project leaders with significant decision-making responsibility, organization wide authority, and high hierarchical level (e.g., Brown & Eisenhardt, 1995). Those leaders are highly effective in obtaining resources such as more personnel and larger budgets

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