Honeywell Program Management Maturity Models

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Running Head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT MATURITY MODEL Project Management Maturity Models MGT 401 Assignment 04 July 2013 Introduction The focus of this report is to present what Honeywell needs to do to move from level 1 to Level 2 . An organizational project management maturity level has reached a Level 2 when an organization has achieved the following objectives: An organization has defined its Initial Processes (Reactive Management) and Informal PM processes. An organization has also created and implemented a common language around project and program management. An organization has constructed a process framework for project management. Moreover, senior management has communicated a direction and set goals for the strategy for project management.. Organizations have identified project management data that have been obtained informally. (Lia,2009). However, Honeywell Program Management maturity model encompasses five levels of maturity as well as six process areas. Honeywell management needs to implement some strategies to reach Level 2 of the project Management maturity. Suggestions for Honeywell to reach Level 2 PMO (Program Management Office) is an operation center that supports and governs a project from the start to finish. Typically, the PMO plays an important role in a project management. The main role of PMO is to assist stakeholders to support and monitor a project to achieve a successful completion. Honeywell needs to employ the concept PMO to

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