Hong Kong's Environmental Problems and Solutions

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Hong Kong’s environmental problems and solutions Hong Kong is one of the top financial centers in the world. Thus, the environmental quality of Hong Kong is very important. It is because the environmental quality is indirectly linking to the image of Hong Kong. Moreover, the living standard of Hong Kong residents is also under influencing of the environmental quality. However, Hong Kong is now surviving serious environmental problems. Poor air quality, noise problem and heavy traffic loads are the three important problems of Hong Kong. The members of Hong Kong should try their best to tackle these problems. Problem of air quality in Hong Kong is serious so we need to try our best to solve it. Three are two main reasons that causing…show more content…
Thus, the earth will become more and more hot. Once the global temperature is increase, more energy is generated in order to reduce the temperature. However, more particles are emitted through the generate process. Thus, it will become a cycle. As we know the seriousness of the air pollution, we should take actions to deal with the problem. “The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government gives high priority to controlling both street-level air pollution and smog.” (Environmental Protection Department, 2011) To reduce the pollutants emitted from vehicles, the Environmental Protection Department (2011) pointed out that the government has adopted a tighter fuel and vehicle emission standards and strengthens vehicle emission inspections against smoky vehicles. These measures can effectively control the pollutants emission from vehicles. One the other, the waste gas giving out from industrial production should also be regulated. The government can install system on power generation plant and develop green energy power to reduce the emission of suspended particles. As a result, pollutants from industrial production can be largely reduced. We should take immediate actions to solve the serious noise problem in Hong Kong. “As Hong Kong's economy has grown in recent decades, so too has the noise that comes from transport, construction, commercial and industrial sources in this compact, densely populated city.” (GovHK, 2011) There are two

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