Hong Kong, By Wong Kar Wai

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Hong Kong occupies a unique place in history; it exists as a city with an expiration date. In his films, Wong Kar-wai is known for exploring the idea of deja desparu—the already disappeared. In the Mood for Love was his first film following the 1997 transition, when the city changed from being a colony of Great Britain to the Special Administrative Region of China. The film explores the post-1997 mood and experiences a true sense of nostalgia, not for the past, but for that which could have been. The film follows Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow as they come to realize that their spouses are having an affair. In an attempt to process, the two attempt to act out how they imagine the affair must have unfolded. Although feelings start to develop between the two of them, they keep their relationship platonic—not wanting to stoop to the level of their cheating spouses. Additionally, they must navigate their neighbors prying and judgmental eyes. The film, hauntingly beautiful as it is, is an allegory for Hong Kong’s “national” history and its relationship with Britain and China—in an attempt to answer the question what will happen to Hong Kong come 2047. Different characters in the film represent different countries as the film follows Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow—who together represent Hong Kong—attempt to navigate the complex world and figure out where they belong. Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow represent the city of Hong Kong as they struggle to figure out who they are and where the fit in their
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