Hong Kong Comics: Mass Culture?

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Hong Kong Comics: Mass Culture?
When I was first given the project topics to study, I decided to write a research paper on local comics without a second thought. As a Hong Kong people, local comics have took an irreplaceable position in my memory. Reading Old Master Q (老夫子) and Ngau Zai (牛仔) in the public libraries was one of the best memories in my childhood. Hence I want to carry out a study on local comics as a remarkable genre of the local popular culture. However, as Ng Wing Yee Ross (2002) said, the research has been done on the local comics is insufficient and usually done by comic lovers. And that implies one of the reasons why local culture being accused as shallow, loose and distracted, we don’t have adequate
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(Strinati D.,2004) Hence mass culture is accused of being immoral, cheap and vulgar. Yet due to the limited and monotonous topics of mass culture, the cultural products can be produced under “Fordist Production” (i.e. to massively produce the standardized products with specialized streamline operation and division of labor). (Enda Brophy., 2008)
Mass Culture, all in all, is those profit-driven cultural products that are mass-produced for mass consumed by the mass society through mass media. For the reason that the aim of mass culture is to gain by satisfying the social desire of entertainment instead of expressing the ideas and feelings of the creators, the output is regarded as a “commodity” but not a “composition”. Mass Culture is also charged to be a “pseudo-culture”, it is not culture as a matter of fact.

1.2 How local comics are considered as Mass Culture?
This theory seems to be a fair description of the development of local comics in the 1970s, if we consider the comics created by Tony Wong(黃玉郎) and Shangguan Xiaobao(上官小寶) as the “mainstream”.
In the 1970s, the problem of corruption and triads were very serious. Hong Kong citizens suffered from the joint bully of the gangs and public servants (e.g. police, firemen). Tony Wong used that as background and created the comic “Dragon Tiger Gate” (Official Name: Oriental Heroes). It seems to be a heroic comic that show rebelling the current situation, but it in fact consisted massive commercial
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