Hong Kong Disney Case

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UNIT 2 CASE Study xi Unit 2 Case Study: Hong Kong Disneyland Margaret Taylor MGT 614: Global and Transnational Management Dr. Laura Mays Tiffin University May 26th, 2013 UNIT 2 CASE STUDY 1 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the management strategies of Hong Kong Disneyland ,and the issues that have arisen. Hong Kong an amusement park built by the Disney Corporation and the Hong Kong government and opened in September 2005. The Disney Corporation was created in 1923 and become a global entertainment company. Disney owns 43 percent of the park and invested US$314 billion plus (Phatak et al.,…show more content…
One example is how the company embarrassed Hygiene Department inspectors by asking them to remove their badges. Another example is that police cannot enter the park unless per-arranged by security. Finally, one major weakness of the company is relying on the dreams of children. Children are a major marketing to create customers for Disney. Sometimes, they can like other characters from other companies, or their parents do not want to bring them to a Disney park. Identification of opportunities and threats in the external environment There are many opportunities that come from the external environment. First Mainland China is UNIT 2 CASE STUDY 3 not far away from Hong Kong. In the year 2000, 61 percent of the visitors who came to Hong Kong were from Mainland China.(Phatak et al., 2009, p.153) In recent years, Chinese have come to enjoy some aspects of Western Culture. These Chinese visitors were expected to want to spend more money of vacations. Hong Kong its self also had many external factors which aided Hong Kong Disney. Hong Kong citizens live close to the park. They live in a reasonable distance that they did not need accommodation to stay at the park. Hong Kong is considered one of the strongest economic areas in the world. According to Russell Bedford, ' 'the annual World Bank Doing
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