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Q1. What are the three most important success factors in the theme park business? Well-defined vision: One of key success factors is Disney¡¦s vision that is giving eternal life to cartoon characters and creating a place where people can meet these life-size characters. This vision helps Disney to persevere to provide different kind of rides and tame entertainment to visitors. Obviously, Disney¡¦s heritage and traditions attract visitors worldwide. Balanced entertainment offering: A successful theme park should also emphasis on show different light entertainments such as parade and fireworks compared to hard rides. Theme park is supposed to be an ideal place for family trips, so it should provide entertainments suitable for family…show more content…
Americans pursue a better quality of life which implies that they are more likely to buy souvenir from Disney stores in order to retain the memory in Disneyland. In other words, the spending per capita of Chinese in Disneyland would be expected to be much lower than that of Americans as they are more like to pay extra for entertainment. Q4. How is Hong Kong Disneyland operating now? How to cope with the key challenges? Low attendance rate: Disney 's idea is to attract more than five million tourists including locals, mainlanders and foreigners to the park within the first year of business but some predicted that Disney wouldn¡¦t meet its target because the current theme park can¡¦t attract enough local visitors as projected. One of the reasons is that the Disneyland Phase 1 is too small, people won¡¦t prefer to visit after the completion of Phase 2. Hong Kong itself is losing charm: With more and more new and fancy attractions being developed in other Asian region such as Macau and Shanghai, Hong Kong is losing its attractiveness towards tourists even the mainlanders may go to Macau¡¦s casino rather than Hong Kong. Thus, the future profit of Disneyland Hong Kong is unsecured. Localization: In order to lure more local and mainland visitors, Disneyland should adjust its quintessential American culture to meet Chinese preferences and norms. For example, those
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