Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Walt Disney Company and their expansion into Hong Kong with the theme park Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD). The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney. It was a company founded upon as an entertainment experience for people of all ages starting out with short films and then moving into full length motion pictures. Since its inception the Disney Company has grown into a worldwide organization and is made up of four major areas. Those areas are studio entertainment, consumer products, media networks, and parks and resorts. As of 2005 only two of these four areas were profitable, those being media networks and parks and resorts. Up until the opening of HKD, Disney had…show more content…
This idea was no different with the establishment of HKD. Aside from this worldwide perception that Disney has HKD sought to bring visitors for other reasons as well. One of the main strategies was to offer this experience at a very affordable rate. The price for a one day was $295 in Hong Kong which is equivalent to $38 in the United States. Along with these low rates there were also many special offers that were constantly available to visitors. These offers included special rates for certain occasions, discounted rates for children and senior citizens and the ability to purchase packages through travel agencies. In fact HKD encouraged the purchase of tickets through travel agents and on their website. They limited the number tickets that were able to be bought by walk up visitors to keep the wait to enter the park at a minimum. Another corporate strategy was the emphasis that Disney put on their employees or cast member as they refer to them as. Every employee that was hired was sent to the Walt Disney Park in Orlando for training to get accustomed to the expectations of a Walt Disney employee. Along with this extensive training each employee was required to speak multiple languages in order to cater to all guests that may be visiting the park. With that being said the corporate strategy for Disney, and specifically that of HKD, does
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