Hong Kong Disneyland Essay

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Hong Kong Disneyland – Case Discussion MSBC650 – Integrated Marketing Communication Hong Kong Disneyland Outline of Discussion Plan I. Overview a. Hong Kong 1997 – 1999 b. Disneyland i. America ii. France iii. Japan c. Disneyland in Hong Kong II. SWOT Analysis a. Strengths i. Appeal to Chinese culture ii. Communications conducted in three different languages b. Weaknesses i. Crowd control problem ii. Replaced chief in less than five months after opening iii. Poor working conditions c. Opportunities i. Growing population of youth and growth of…show more content…
The new facilities were scheduled to open in 2005. The co-operation took the form of a joint venture between the Hong Kong government and Disney in a 57% to 43% equity structure. A joint venture company called the Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd was incorporated to manage the development and operation of the park. Hong Kong had slipped into an economic depression in 1997; something that hadn’t happened in more than 20 years. Property prices crashed and tourism dropped by 8%. The announcement of a Disney park was a huge shot of confidence for the future of the city. As construction began, numerous problems began to plague the project. Although Disney had consulted with feng shui masters to incorporate, “good Karma,” by strategically placing gold, wood, water, fire and earth into the park, feng shui would turn its criticism toward Disney concerning green power. Activists criticized Disney for buying products from Chinese factories where working conditions were appalling, a case of food poisoning led to a huge confrontation with the local authorities, wild dogs ran rampant at the construction site, the menu created problems, prices were set much higher that its local competitor, major over-crowding problems, ticket problems, cultural misunderstandings, huge flight of local workers, upper- management changes, underestimation of the first year of
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