Hong Kong Disneyland

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1. Background In this study, we aim to study and evaluate the implementation of customer relationship management strategy in Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland is a famous international company over the world. It vision is to provide the quality service on the ceremony to customers and to provide them special unique experiences. We have conducted an interview with a supervisor of customer relationship management department of Hong Kong Disneyland concerning their special customer management strategy. For example, how it provides the best services to its guests and why it would succeed. At the final section of this report, we have also made some recommendations to them. 2. Customer segmentation and customer knowledge to refine…show more content…
7. CRM programs for acquisition of new customers The CRM department of Disneyland has different respective ways and methods for acquisition of new visitors and retention of existing customers.  For attracting new customers: Disneyland will conduct large scale of promoting campaign every year in different geographic area all around the world. For example, during last year, Disneyland has several teams of staffs from different departments to implement promoting campaign. Moreover, Disneyland will use TV advertising---Infomercials and online advertising to mix information and knowledge about Disneyland with persuasive advertising statements, in order to gain attention of potential new customers. 8. Retention programs Hong Kong Disneyland has some programs to keep its profitable customers. It has plenty of special privileges to its regular customer. It has 4 different kinds of Annual Pass (AP). AP can bring customer with extra privileges, such as:  Unlimited admission for a period of one year to Walt Disney World Theme Parks  Entitles Passholders to discount for buying souvenir in Park  Get room discounts for staying in resort Besides, customers who hold a one-day valid ticket can upgrade their ticket to Magic Access Member Card (new version of annual pass) on the same day when they visit the park. 9. Use of information to develop
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