Hong Kong International Airport

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This report is about, Hong Kong International Airport which is one of the biggest civil engineering projects the world ever had. Hong Kong International Airport is the 8th busiest airport in the world and it is in operation since 1998, replacing the previous international airport. This airport is located in an island named Chek Lap Kok after the Civil aviation department decided and confirmed that it is an appropriate and a safe place for an airport. The process of construction was a complex one which follows choosing the land, confirming it as a safe place, finding transportation ways to connect the country and the island, making tunnels, constructing the foundation and finally constructing the runways and many other places of the airport. Hong Kong Airport Authority and civil engineering department faced three main challenges during the construction period. They are finding the most appropriate land, connecting the island to the inner land of Hong Kong and the construction of the foundation in an island which mostly has sand in the soil. As solutions, they made under water tunnels, bridges and highways which provides the access to the Chek Lap Kok airport. Then the foundation is attached to the inner most soil part, Bed rock by concrete piles to reduce the soil erosion which happens due to the tides. This airport has numerous negative and positive impacts on the environment and the economy of Hong Kong. It increases the number of job opportunities and contributes a massive
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