Hong Kong Is A Modern Fast Paced International City Saturated With Skilled Workforce

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I. Background
Hong Kong is a modern, fast-paced international city saturated with skilled workforce and a desired destination of many immigrants. Due to such nature of Hong Kong, it is a highly competitive society. In 1997, Hong Kong, originally a colony of the UK, was returned to China, as a special territory free of China’s administration. This provided a balance between both Western and Oriental cultures in the educational system of Hong Kong. However, since 1980s, globalization affected many places in some form on the society. Therefore, Hong Kong has spent a decade in reforming its educational system which gradually emphasizes more on technical subjects to keep up with the trends resulting from globalization. These changes are made to
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Due to the competition, Hong Kong’s educational policy makers urged to change the educational system, so that students became adaptable to the competitive economy. As said in Lam Yuen Fan’s paper, “The new curriculum is, in short, oriented towards the formation of the new kind of workers who should be more adaptable, creative, flexible and skillful that is needed by the global economy,” (Lam, n.d.). That is to say, policy makers desired for a quality education. Additionally, seeing the economy prosperous under the concept of marketization, the policy makers implemented the concept of managerialism into the educational system. According to Yin and White (1994 as seen in Chan & Mok, 2001), “Marketization which is meant to be a process whereby education becomes a commodity provided by competitive suppliers, educational services are priced and access to them depends on consumer calculations and ability to pay.” In Hong Kong’s case, the consumers of the market of education were students, student’s parents, and future employers while the vendors were educational services. The policy makers believed that education should be marketized, thereby to encourage competition for improvements (Chan & Mok, 2001). The effects of marketization in education were to induce competitiveness among schools and also the incentive to constantly make changes and improve for educational quality and real-world expectations for the students.
After Hong Kong was returned

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