Hong Kong and the Treaty of Nanking in 1842

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The colonization of Hong Kong started from the Opium War that the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon had been ceded to UK in perpetuity. Because of the failure in the Second Opium War, both sides signed a treaty that the New Territories was leased 99 years by Chinese Empire to the British for 99 years. (1) Later, the Chinese government took initiative to discuss the Handover of Hong Kong with Britain government from 1982. The sovereignty of Hong Kong provoked the conflicts between China and Britain. They argued that whether the China government should take back Hong Kong or not. After negotiation, British’s Margaret Thatcher signed the formal treaty, Joint Declaration, the sovereignty of Hong Kong would transfer from British to the China on the 1st July, 1997. Under the ‘one country, two systems’, the Chinese government guaranteed that Hong Kong people would not only run as the capitalist system and its autonomy to run its own affair, but also enjoy its rule of law and high degrees of freedoms at least 50 years. ( from chris patten, p.20) However, the promise of the Chinese government looked shaky as the China crushed pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing’s Tianmen Square with tanks and automatic weapons. Many people didn’t trust the system of ‘One Country, Two…

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