Honor And Glory By Homer

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Steven Exum
Mr. Lipscomb
AP Literature and Composition, B Period
October 5, 2015
Honor and Glory
The idea of obtaining honor and glory are what Greek characters dedicate their lives to. The Greeks lived by a heroic code, which shaped their society. Being remembered, as a great warrior, is one of the highest honors a Greek soldier can obtain. Honor and glory are the cause of the Trojan War, which takes the lives of many men. Honor and Glory are what define the hero in the epic poem, The Iliad, written by Homer. Throughout the Iliad, honor and glory is the motivation behind the characters, there are different ways to obtain honor and glory, and the different views of honor throughout the epic poem.
The idea of honor and glory are essential to understanding the motivation behind the characters in the Iliad. Glory was gained by the heroic actions and deeds. The best opportunity to gain honor was during a battle. A warrior would try and obtain honor during the battle, no matter the cost. The importance of honor can be seen in Hector’s final battle when he says, “Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter. (Homer, Iliad 22.232)” Hector has accepted that he will die at the hand of Achilles. However, he wishes to be remembered as a great warrior of Troy. Hector does not wish to have his live spared, but rather he wishes to do some honorable deed and die with honor and glory. Glory came as a
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