Honor Based Violence And Domestic Violence

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Honor based violence and domestic violence are two common forms of violence that exist in our world today, and they have for many years (Devaney, 2014; Hague, Gill, & Begikhani, 2013; Olwan, 2013). Honor based violence covers a wide variety of violent acts performed by a male relative that are done in order to preserve family honor (Eshareturi, Lyle, & Morgan, 2014), and this type of violence is associated most often with Middle Eastern nations (Belfrage, Strand, Ekman, Hasselborg, 2012; Olwan, 2013; Standish, 2014). Domestic violence is an umbrella term for a variety of actions such as rape, as well as assaults of both the physical and verbal varieties (Policastro, & Payne, 2013). While the rationale and execution of each of these types of violence varies (Chesler, 2010; Eshareturi et al., 2014), there are underlying similarities that exist among both.
In both instances of honor based violence and domestic violence, victims can be seen as losing power and control within their own lives, which can be noted in the ways that one can lose their honor, including: conforming too much to Western cultures, having relationships with people outside of your own culture, or leaving a man who treats you as an object (Chester, 2010; Eshareturi et al., 2014; Standish, 2014). Women who are victims of honor based violence lose the opportunity to live their lives freely due to honor disrupting behaviors (Chester, 2010; Eshareturi et al., 2014; Standish, 2014). In comparison, within cases of

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