Honor Bound by Jack Moskowitz and Murder in Italy by Candace Dempsey

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In this paper I will be answering, “Many people believed that justice had been served when Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede were arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. Italy’s high court recently reversed the convictions of Amanda and Raffaelle. After reading the books, which court do you think got it right—the lower trial court with the guilty verdict or the high court with the not guilty verdict? Why?” I will provide at least three examples, with at least one example coming from each book, to support my response. The books “Honor bound” and “Murder in Italy” talk about the Amanda Knox trial. Amanda’s roommate Meredith Kercher, was found murdered in their home leaving the main suspects to be Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito. Amanda Knox was a 20 year old from Seattle, Washington who moved to Perugia, Italy for college. She was a smart girl. She seemed to me to be very open with her life and sexuality. Her openness was later used against her by police, prosecutors, and media. The media gave her sexual nicknames, a few being: “… the promiscuous American she-devil…”, and “Foxy Knoxy” (HB xiii-xiv). With many cases of this magnitude come speculations. No one wanted to believe that Knox and Sollecito had nothing to do with the murder of Kercher. Even after the police apprehended Rudy Guede for the murder, they had never really counted out Knox and Sollecito as suspects. “… police and the public prosecutor’s office had convinced themselves that the

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