Honor Code

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Honors systems are sets of rules that encourage a student’s integrity to be motivated to overpower any other bad quality. An honors code is a great way to improve academic integrity in all high school students, however it should be revised to also support the students themselves. Honor codes are great and should be implanted into every high school, but should revise the ideas of punishment and should re-educate students on honor codes. Honor codes should not only be sets of rules they should be contain encouragements to students. Honor codes have specific penalties to students who break the rule. One such rule stated by Vangeli is that it is a student's responsibility to report on classmates if cheating and “failure to confront a student…show more content…
The honor code is taught or is supposed to be taught to every single student. However, Sledge and Pringle took a survey and found out that only 42% of students do not know the range of sanctions. This number is almost laughable because it is basically half the student body who do not know the codes. Sledge and Pringles also discover that 48% of students believe the codes to be unfair. Most of these students most likely are just not as informed of the student code rules. Educating students most likely are just not as informed of the student code rules. Educating students on the honors code is an important job and should have been taught to students from the beginning. However, only 65% of students report ever being taught the honors code (Sledge and Pringle). This number is very low considering how every student should have been taught the codes. Re-education on the honor codes would benefit many students especially since the honors code is a good thing. Honor codes are good and have good intentions. they are well made for the most part but should be revised to support students. The honor codes should be revised not as a set of rules but a set of rewards. These rewards should be created to encourage students to do the right thing and form a positive academic mindset into all students. The punishments and re-education of the honor code should be revised and looked over for a positive boost on
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