Honor Pledge : Adam Pierce

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Population Growth

Adam Pierce

Mr. Clay Cushman
March 22, 2016
Honor Pledge: Adam Pierce

Population Growth is an issue that exists in today’s world that needs to be confronted before it becomes out of hand. The population itself has reached overwhelming numbers making it a problem that could turn to be dangerous. The amount of humans that the earth can support or the carrying capacity is slowly rising but at a much slower rate than the population growth rate. The increasing growth rate has its negative effects environmentally, agriculturally, socially, and economically and also has its positive effects nationally, and economically. The government is brainstorming and trying to come up with ways to decrease
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The first period was a very long period of time where the rate of population growth was very low. The second period was a shorter period of time that lasted up until about 1962 and it had a large increase in population growth. Finally the third period is the current period and it is where the population growth rate starts to decrease. The decrease in the population growth rate is due to the improving living and health conditions. Another reason for the growth rate going down is that parents, families, and other people are becoming more aware of the increasing population and the dangers or hazards that it will bring.

For many years it has been thought that the maximum human population would be determined by the amount of drinkable fresh water. Earth can only hold, manage, and support so many people. This is called carrying capacity. If we go over this carrying capacity it could cause worldwide issues with the environment along with many other issues. For example if the human population goes over the carrying capacity of the earth then problems like lack of clean drinkable water, lack of land that humans could live on or occupy, and lack of available jobs could become much more serious and have terrible effects on the system which everything works.

There are many horrendous effects that come from population growth. One of the many major effects include decreasing amounts of available land. Another is the decreasing amount of essential natural resources. A part
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