Honor Roll Day

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It was the end of the season which meant there was only one meet left. Track was almost over and the honor roll meet was the last of the season. Only the sixteen fast were running in each event which made it very tricky to get in, out of the whole greater Lansing area. I was running the 400m dash and 200m low hurdles. I personally hated the 400m because it was probably the most challenging thing I've ever done. But the hurdles, on the other hand, were my favorite. June 6 was the day I had been waiting for all year, it was finally the honor roll meet. Knowing that my family was there didn’t frighten me at all. After talking to my coach and family I changed my shoes into my spikes and walked my way down to the bullpen where I needed to check…show more content…
After that race, I went to the bleachers to change my shoes and put my sweats back on even though it was around 80 degrees that day I still need to stay loose and warm because the most important race that day was soon approaching. There was still a lot of time left in the day which meant a lot of races before the 200 hurdles. While waiting I sat and looked over the rankings on my phone multiple times trying to mentally prepare myself. In the hurdles, i was ranked 4th but that didn’t matter much to me because this was my race and I planned on winning. As it got later in the day it got closer to my event. Sam and I strolled onto the track trying to hype each other up and get all the nerves out before we ran. Since its an odd year girls would run first. After I got my lane number I looked around at my competition which I soon realized was girls I've run against before. The guy with the gun told us to get in our lanes and then gave us two simple instructions. Take your mark, get set, BOOM! Then we were off while running my mind was only set on one thing which was winning and nothing could distract me from that. Passing the finish line was the only thing that was different than the multiple times I've run it before. Different because it was a close race I had competition, different because I wasn’t a hundred percent sure I was going to win. Walking off the track while trying to slow down my breathing I could see the smiles on my families faces that's when I was sure that I did accomplish my goal I had
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