Honorable Student Character Analysis

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As a student of ISKL, I am well-acquainted with different moral codes. In elementary, we learned to “take care of ourselves, others and this place”. Middle school taught us the core values of honesty, kindness, responsibility, and respect. Now that I am in highschool, I am presented with another set of traits for what it takes to be an honorable student: leadership, service, and character.

Character is my strongest trait and I have managed to build up strong character by upholding my self-identity and morals. I stay true to myself by finding time to do the things I enjoy. I also try not change myself to please someone else or fit in with crowd. I constantly stand by my morals and I believe in hard work, instead of taking the easy way out. By doing all this, I have achieved great character. Good character allows me to learn from failures and stay motivated during times of struggles. Besides that, it will help me stay true to my morals as a respectable member of society. This is important because we must stay motivated and have integrity to do our part for the general welfare of the community. …show more content…

Being part of a service team means participating and being part of the community, it’s being able to help and support those in need. Besides that, working in a community service team serves to bring people together. It builds enthusiasm and team spirit, and teaches us compassion and empathy. For these reasons, I have decided to build upon service this year. As you can see, I have already begun joining several community partnerships offered at ISKL, such as the SPCA and Chin Refugees. I am also considering more volunteer work next year, specifically tutoring. This would be a great way to make more connections in school and help any struggling

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