Honoring Women In Hinduism

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Honoring Women Every society, culture, and religion has their own justification of what they believe women should do and what they symbolize. The role of women in society is constantly discussed because it is always changing. While reading and analyzing history books, artworks, and scriptures, we are able to see the changes women have encountered, for example what rights they have gained or lost. Focusing primarily on religion, I will analyze Hindu and Buddhist scriptures in order to compare and contrast what they believe is the role of women. Despite bearing some differences in the manner that Hinduism praise women more than in Buddhism, both scriptures acknowledge women’s equality with men and believe women can hold great power. Hinduism…show more content…
The Laws of Manu gives a good insight on how women should live and their duties as wives. Hindu scriptures emphasize the importance of honoring women, it states that women must be honored by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and any male figure who desire welfare. It states, “where women are honored, there the gods are pleased; but where they are not honored, no sacred rites yields rewards.” Women who are not properly honored bring bad curses into the home because the people around them are not fulfilling Hindu expectations. They expect women to always be taken care, at a young age they are to be taken care of by her father, a youth by her husband, if her husband dies her sons must care for her, women must never be independent. As a wife, women must always be cheerful and take care of all household affairs. If her husband dies, she is not allowed to insult his memory, a husband must be worshipped as a god. Women many expectation to live up to in Hindu scripture and although most do not relate to other religions, their values have helped keep order amongst the Hindu community for many
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