Honors Literary Analysis : The Time Periods, Geographical Location, Historical / Social Context )

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Honors Literary Analysis January 21, 2015
Name: ____Tucker Mason_______ Title: ___________Go set a watchman_____________
Author: __Harper Lee____________ Genre: __Fiction_______

Setting (ANALYZE the time period, geographical location, historical/social context) The setting can best be describe has a quiet rural town in alabama during the 1950s. From the time period we can tell there are still racial tensions. We learn that almost all the people in maycomb county are part of the KKK.
Character Analysis (Select ONE important character to ANALYZE.) Uncle Jack Finch looks like Alexandra, had his instruction paid for by Atticus, dresses like Atticus, and appears to join the most exceedingly bad characteristics of these two relatives into one bundle. He talks like a vainglorious scholarly "it was his custom to state maybe a couple confined truths, and a conclusion apparently unsupported along these lines" Not an extraordinary contentious procedure, in the event that you ask us.
Conflict (Problem – underline your action verb. No names – no plot elements.) The main character learning her father may be a racist.
Conflict Resolution (How was the problem resolved? Refer back to your conflict statement.) Jean louise and atticus got into a big fight then she turned her back on him. Later they come to a truths.

Summary (As it relates to the conflict. Must be 10 bullets.) Jean louise touches base in Maycomb, Alabama, by means of train. Jean Louise is going from New York…
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