Honors Program Is A Great Feeling

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Hearing your name in a sentence after graduating with honors is a great feeling. That feeling of accomplishment and acknowledgment is completely due for the work you put in. Except, what does honors really mean? Is honors achieved the same way at Clayton State as in Georgia State? Does honors have the same goal in both of these institutions? The Clayton State’s Honors program’s initiative is to create critical thinkers, strong writers, and community involved individuals. I believe the Clayton State Honors Program does not provide exemplary results in critical thinking and improved writing skills or allows students to explore personal interest compared to a History Minor. How is the Clayton State University Honors Program formatted? The Honors program is organized of four pre-selected courses: World History, Intro to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and Aesthetics, with two contract courses or research projects. The two contract courses can be filled with Study Abroad classes or selecting a normal class of your interest and enhancing it to the Honors level. What exactly is the honors level of work at Clayton State? Alexander Hall the president of the Honors College stated that “The honors level of work usually requires extra assignments and more in-depth lectures of topics the normal classes would cover.” Work is sometimes more creative, like being given research projects and being allowed to work directly under professors on assignments. Moreover, a History Minor is set up

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