Honors Thesis

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Jakira Wilson
Honors Program
1 February 2017
Prompt 3: Honors Thesis
As part of the Honors Program students are required to do an Honors thesis. This thesis requires you to complete a significant piece of original research or creative work in your undergraduate career. Whiles there’s no doubt that this might be challenging and time consuming, it is a great experience overall. This project encourages you to try something new, to expand your knowledge academically, or to creatively do something that you’re interested in.
One of the many reasons why I would like to engage in a project such as this is that it’s a great learning experience. This component of the Honors Program allows you to get out there in the world and discover something new. To take an idea that you might already have and further it. For instance, if you have a problem with something that’s going on in the world today then you can choose to do the research path of this component. In choosing this path you’re able to explore the problem at hand and shed more light on it. Moreover, in the process you might even draw more attention to it so that others are more aware.
Along with this, the honors thesis gives you opportunity to challenge an issue that
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Something that you might not have tried otherwise without the motivation or assistance provided for you. Although I’m not a part of the Honors Program as of now I have an idea for either route. For instance, if I were to choose the research part I would like to examine how multiple tests given in one day can be detrimental to students of all grades; elementary, middle, or high school. If the creative path was chosen instead then I would like to create a short story about a daily issue that a student may face in school. Both these ideas have something to offer to not just myself but others too and I would love to share
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